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Dyno Rental by the Hour (Testing-Diagnostics or Calibrating)  $250 per hour

Power Pulls ( Check HP & TQ )  $150-250  (cars that are a lot                                                                          of work to strap down will be $250

  • 2 power pulls 2WD   add Wideband o2 $50 w/ logging
  • 2 Power pulls AWD   add Wideband o2 $50 w/ logging
Dyno by the Day: 8 hours $1500  (10am to 6pm)
Bring Your Own Tuner!  Yes!  All Tuners welcome! $$ Discounted rates $$
If you tune cars or you have a tuner already and need a place to tune we have the facility ready.  We offer reduced rates for tuners.  The more you learn to use our Mustang Dyno the easier it is to tune your customers.  Contact us for more details!

Performance Estimation:  Get real time numbers!  What your car is doing now.

  • Horsepower & Torque (SAE - Weather Corrected)
  • 1/8th Mile & 1/4 Mile Simulation (ET & MPH, and 60 ft)
  • 0-60, 50-70, 0-100 MPH Estimation 
  • Air/ Fuel Ratio Single or Dual Bank WBO2 (LAMBDA)
  • Boost (MAP)
  • OBD2 Parameters
  • Pressure Sensors (Fuel, Oil, Water)
  • 2WD : Two Wheel Drive
  • AWD : All Wheel Drive
  • Real World driving conditions
  • Simulations
  • Track Testing
  • Drivability Testing
  • Tuning Strategies
  • Performance Increase Comparisons
  • Additional charges for WBO2 and pressure sensor logging



    Note: When dyno is in operation you are to remain inside the showroom at all times.  We will run and operate the dyno at all times.

    Note:  Extremely lowered cars, cars with extreme camber "stanced", "stretched" will not be allowed on my dyno.  Fluid leaks of any kind, oil, coolant , power steering, and gear fluids. SEE HERE You must have your car higher than 4" off the ground at the lowest point.  Also you must have good to excellent condition tires, no steel belts showing through the tire,  no extreme tire wear or under inflated tires.  I highly recommend having your tires inflated towards the MAX rating for Dyno tuning or Dyno rental.  You will sign a waiver releasing Dynotech Tuning, INC.  so its "Your" responsibility to have the vehicle in perfect running & driving condition.  Cancellation fee may apply if you set up a time and do not show up for your pre scheduled appointment.