Want to set up a tuning appointment? Go Here to pre-pay your tuning deposit.

Check out our Tech Section   Here for useful information that will save you money and time before tuning your car.  It is your responsibility to make sure your vehicle is 100% ready for tuning. Or we can take care of any pre-inspection.

What kind of tuning do you need?  Read Here,  we break it all down for you so you can better understand what you need for the tuning time allotted.  You will need to let us know what we need to focus on with your vehicle.

Everything we tune is for Off Road Use Only:  Anything street driven to and from the track that needs to pass emission testing will require working Catalytic converters, EGR and Evap systems to meet Emission Requirements.  We do not turn 02 sensors OFF or DELETE cat converters for emission compliant cars or trucks.

Vehicles We Calibrate

Motorcycles We Calibrate:


ECU's & Systems We Tune: 

  • Ecu Flash
  • ECM Link 
  • Chrome - Jester ECU (3000gt)
  • Ecutek
  • Cobb Tuning Accessport   
  • Proefi 
  • AEM v2 and Infinity
  • Haltech Elite Series ECU
  • Link Engine Management (LINK)
  • Fuel Tech
  • Holley Sniper / Terminator / Dominator 
  • HP Tuners
  • SCT Tuner
  • Adaptronic
  • Ecu Master
  • Mega squirt (MS2 & MS3, MS3-Pro)
  • Dyno Jet Power Commander

You have a lot to read here, please take the time to read.  If you do not understand anything please ask.

 Please Inquire with us by phone or Email for tuning rates.  We offer rates by the car tuned, by the hour, and discounts for multiple fuels.

* All Tuning is paid in full up front before we strap car onto dyno.  If the car has a mechanical issue and is not related to calibrating the ecu the customer has the decision to take the car back and fix themselves,  or leave the car with us to further diagnose at shop rate.  If we can fix on the dyno easy within the 4 hr tuning window there is no up-charge.  If we have to pull the car off the dyno and then put the car back onto the dyno there will be a $100 upcharge.

* If your car experiences problems, and you leave the car here for us to fix or diagnose be aware that you will be put in line and can take some time depending on our workload to get to.  Sometimes we can get to it that day, other times might be a few days as it goes into our rotation of cars. 

* We have a 4 Hour tuning window,  This is for 1 Fuel & 1 MAP.  If a car is setup correctly it usually takes 2-4 hrs to fully tune your car without mechanical issues.  With extreme setups, full race track cars, drag cars, etc.. boost by gear, antilag, dual maps it does take longer and will require us to to charge on a case by case basis. 

* Vehicles must run and drive onto dyno and not leak any fluids.  If the car doesn't run and drive onto the dyno we can discuss what needs to be done for us to calibrate the ECU..

* Re-Tunes at a later date of any kind are $250 per hour for the first hour minimum.  When we have already tuned the car and you have changed something simple as far as exhaust or intake

* Re-Tunes as far as performance modification to the engine (Intake, exhaust cams, turbo, supercharges, Injector size etc) It will take us a a longer time to recalibrate the car for these added modifications.  Be aware it can cost more than $250 and will take 2+ HRS

 * Any leaking car (coolant, fuel, fluids)  that must be unstrapped to be fixed and strapped back onto the dyno will have a $100 dyno clean up fee.  That goes for everyone once the tuning process has started.

ATTENTION:  Extremely lowered cars, cars with extreme camber "stanced" and "stretched" will not be allowed on my dyno.  You must have your car higher than 4" off the ground at the lowest point.  Also you must have good to excellent condition tires, no steel belts showing through the tire,  no extreme tire wear or under inflated tires.  I highly recommend having your tires inflated towards the MAX rating for Dyno tuning or Dyno rental.  You will sign a waiver releasing Dynotech Tuning, INC.  so it's "Your responsibility"  to have the vehicle in perfect running condition.